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at this point so we need it. >> thank you. >>> still ahead at 11:00, vice president joe biden lands in rome where he and hundreds of thousands of others will attend pope francis's inauguration. we'll take you to the preparations in vatican city. >>> we'll also show you why experts say sarah palin stole the show at the cpac convention in maryland, get her big gulp on at the end of the weekend. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> the vice president joe biden is joining leaders from around the world traveling to rome on the eve of the inaugural mass for newly elected pope francis. however, there is controversy over who is attending. nbc's jay gray has details from rome. >> reporter: working through the rain, crews in st. peters square, vice president joe biden leads the u.s. contingent as leaders gather for the inauguration of pope francis including argentine president, who had lunch at the vatican today. the two had a conte
and the dignity of people regardless of faith. vice president joe biden will lead the u.s. delegation to the pope's installation on tuesday. a quarter of americans are roman catholic and given the fact that scandal generated most of the headlines in the church in this country for years now this is a sensitive time for catholics. nbc's john yang is outside holy name cathedral in chicago for us tonight. hey, john. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. tonight the americans -- 78 million catholics in america are hopeful that this new pope can lead the church in a new direction -- out of scandal and mismanagement. u.s. catholics greeted the election of pope francis i with bells and in new york's st. patrick's cathedral, applause. at our lady of angels in los angeles the announcement was made in english and spanish. this latin american pope could help reach out to u.s. hispanics. 54% of whom identified as catholic in a recent gallup poll. >> latinos in the united states feel extremely proud this day. they see this man as a person that modernized the church in argentina and did so with a firm
your afternoon. enjoy a good lunch." >>> vice president joe biden arrived in italy yesterday ahead of tomorrow's inauguration mass of pope francis. >>> in an nbc news exclusive, we've learned of a cyber attack on the voting system in florida. officials are quick to point out that the breach was unsuccessful but do say it raises many issues on security. the case stems from bogus requests from more than 2,500 absentee ballots for the august 14th primary in miami-dade county. it's not clear whether the requests were an attempt to sway the election, test the system or just interfere with voting. either way experts say the incident exposes danger in putting states voting online. the full article is at nbcnews.com. >>> meanwhile in israel in the west bank, preparations are under way for the arrival of president obama. on wednesday mr. obama will make his first trip to the region as president. crews in jerusalem have been hanging up u.s. flags. the luxurious king david hotel is getting ready to receive the president and his entourage. they have been finalizing special dishes and anticipat
. do a very good job. >> reporter: vice president joe biden leads the u.s. delegation. today he met with the president and prime minister of italy while pope francis held his first audience with the head of state. argentinean president said i've never been kissed by a pope before as she gave francis a gift. traditional argentine cups used to drink the country's national beverage. they were at odds over social issues when he was the archbishop of buenos aires. hundreds of thousands expected to pack the gnawicity for the inaugural mass. >> reports are that there's an excitement about this. >> reporter: excitement building since the election as a result of his personal style. francis enjoys reaching out to faithful and vatican anticipates that it will be the case on tuesday as well. >> clearly a solemn day. with everything the pope has done so far, we see he has a people's touch at the same time. i expect we'll see that tomorrow as well. >> reporter: a touch that has come to define the early days of his papacy. the vatican announced today that pope francis will tour st. peter's square
of today's historic service including joe biden. it was his connection with the crowd that seemed to be so powerful and joining us from valt vatican is jay gray. he joins us live. jay? >> reporter: good evening, janel janelle. it was a mass draped in the traditions of the catholic faith, but since he's done since his election, he managed to weave his own special traditions into the celebration here. it was that connection with the crowd that made the biggest kifr difference it seemed. he rode into st. peter's square and then got out of the vehicle and actually mixed with those who had gathered hundreds of thousands from around the world shaking hands, kissing some of the faithful, stopg for a very special blessing. during his homily, he discussed what has been at the core of his papacy over the last few days, and that is taking care of the pour, those among us he says are needy or the weakest among us. he also at times seemed to refer to the problems the catholic church has been facing saying those in leadership positions must, quote, protect others. watch fourt them, it's a theme he refer
: francis shared a moment with joe biden, a man with a gentle, approachable demeanor, now charged with restoring the faith of so many shattered by scandal. >> the church is not a one-man show. he's not going to do it all. but if he can inspire 1.2 billion catholics to be missionaries then the church has a very bright future around the world. >> reporter: now pope francis made another phone call today. this time to benedict, pope emeritus who watched the mass on television. the two will meet in person this weekend. brian? >> anne thompson at the vatican for us tonight. anne, thanks. >>> we are learning more tonight about how close we came to a shooting rampage, this time at the university of central florida. police have just released video taken from helmet cameras as they responded to a 911 call yesterday about a student with a gun. a fire alarm was blaring the whole time. upon entering the dorm room they spotted his body on the floor and at least two weapons nearby. police say he was working off a checklist of his own making which included pulling the fire alarm and wanting to, q
, including vice president joe biden who led the u.s. delegates. as thousands outside clung to the word and history they were part of. >> it's amazing. to be here today and celebrate him, he's our pope. >> a leader they are now counting on to reform and repair their church. a process that many hope begins with sweeping changes to the vatican beaurocracy, curia, riddled with infighting and scandal. jay gray, nbc news, rome. >>> also new this morning, a tragic accident from nevada where seven marines are now dead following an explosion during a training exercise. military officials say a mortar was set off during a live fire training exercise at hawthorne army depot. at least seven others were wounded. all of them rushed to a hospital. the marines killed during that training all part of the second marine ground combat force based in camp lejeune, north carolina. >>> back here in the southbay, one man is dead after san jose police say he tried to run over an officer with his car. it happened in an unincorporated area of san jose just before 7:00 last night, three san jose police officers t
. >>> vice president joe biden and jay z may have something in common. they are among the dozens of celebrities and politicians who have been hacked. a russian website has posted personal and financial information. it contained sensitive information. it included hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama as well as celebrities like beyonce. >>> big moves for the 49ers and raiders today. from printing to security, 3-d technology is here. coming up we will take you inside a silicon valley startup that can scan you. >>> i'm jeff ranieri. temperatures starting to cool off at the coast line. we have 57 in san francisco and nearly 15 degrees warmerer inland with 73 in livermore. one thing is for sure the allergy forecast will be bugging you tomorrow. (sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady. i am sir can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! (male announcer) break the monotony. visit spam.com. >>> there has been a link between pesticide and high blood pressure. there is a connection and it starts in the womb. a u.c. davis research proj
. >>> just in, vice president joe biden arrived at a military airport near rome tonight. the vice president is a practicing catholic and will lead the u.s. delegation to the pope's inauguration mass on tuesday. the german chancellor and spain's prime minister are among the other world leaders who are expected to attend. >>> and this was the first sunday at the vatican for pope francis, who made it clear that he is going to do things his way, which seem to be less formal. he spent part of the day working the crowd. and as nbc's anne thompson reports. >> reporter: like parrish priests around the world, pope francis started his day saying sunday mass, opting for tiny st. anna's church, where vatican workers worshipped instead of the grandeur of st. peter's. after mass, he plunged into the crowd, catching his security detail offguard. francis' casual style, already the hallmark of his papacy, delighting the faithful. inside st. peter's square, more and that 150,000 people waited for his weekly prayer and blessing. young italians singing and dancing. latin americans waving symbols of pride, espe
. the president will visit israel, the west bank and jordan during his three-day trip. >>> vice president joe biden is in rome to attend the installuation mass. crews are working to prepare for tomorrow's ceremony. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend. >>> back here in the states, chilling new details about the young man who gunned down 20 children in the newtown massacre. the new york daily news said adam lanza kept a large spreadsheet seven feet long detailing mass murders from the past. a special panel released the preliminary report. recommended universal background checks, a ban on high capacity magazines and more school security specifically classroom doors that can be locked from the inside. >>> another possible mass murder averted. police say 30-year-old james was planning an attack at the university of central florida in orlando. police believe the business student pulled the fire alarm just after midnight in a large dorm to lure all of the students in the open but a student noticed the gun and called 911. the suspect ended up killing himself. in his dorm room they
.s. delegation led by vice president joe biden. but it was his connection with the crowd that seemed to be the most powerful including this moment when he stopped to offer a special blessing. >> with all of the people here the pope stops to greet a severely handicap person. i think that sums it all up. >> reporter: a renewed dedication to those he called the poor, needy and weakest among us, francis urging followers to protect one another. but as almost a week of celebrations ends francis faces the real and difficult task of trying to reform and repair his church including the vatican bureaucracy riddled by in fighting and scandal. >> he is setting a style, the message. the real message in terms of administration will be the choices he makes. >> reporter: after his choice by the cardinals. today fully endorsed by hundreds of thousands in st. peter's square. and after meeting with world leaders today pope francis i will have an historic visit with the man he is replacing this weekend. live in rome i'm jay gray. back to you now. >>> still ahead here at six a little too revealing, the h
a lot of back story and a lot of joe biden. >> i can't get enough joe biden. >> you're biden's favorite anchor/meteorologist. >> yes he wrote a theme song for me. >> you want to hear it, here it goes. so what do you think, what is being biden? >> you know what? i think right now it's probably going to be kind of tame because vice president biden doesn't want to scare anybody but then i think as things go along and the white house stops paying attention he's going to let loose. >> we'll get the full biden which we hope looks something like this, remember from january? >> you've got a million-dollar smile. >> there's a lot to smile about. i want you next to me, i want to you next to me. need any help working on your pecs, let me know. holy mackerel. >> holy mackerel! >> it was really off that clip that in january there was a formal petition posted to whitehouse.gov to give the vice president his own show, it was on parks and rec, the ideal man had the brains of george clooney and body of joe biden. >> i love the touch of the face that he does, rub the face. >> how did that go? >> there it
leaders, include vice president joe biden are gathering in rome ahead of the installation of pope francis. let's get to keer simmons. >> reporter: good morning. even if it is raining like this tomorrow, this area will still be packed as you say. world leaders are flying in. the pope meeting with the argentina president. the pope's message, remember the poor, and his style is winning fans for people on the street. as pope francis prepares for the installation mass, vice president biden arrived in rome sunday. it is ordinary men and women that are connecting with the pope in an extraordinary way. francis walking over to a crowd of a few hundred people just to say hello, leaving his security scrambling. then sunday, he greeted tens of thousands in st. peter's square for his first angeles, even making the mass. in the crowd, we met philadelphia's cardinal. >> this is unique. this is a wonderful opportunity. i mean, it is the first time the new pope, pope francis appeared, first time he gives his blessing here. >> reporter: preparations in the same square are under way. we have the setup alrea
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